Online Sex Crime Charges

Online Sex Crime Charges

Our criminal defence lawyers can help with online sex crime charges in Perth WA.

Whilst the internet is rightly regarded as something which has brought many positives into our lives, especially during the recent Coronavirus pandemic, it can used for activities that are not legal, with one of the more serious being online sex crimes.

Should you be caught and arrested for any of these crimes our advice is you should immediately get in touch with an online sex crimes lawyer.

You might be asking why contacting an online sex crimes lawyer would be so urgent, but from the second you are arrested by the police, although there might be an assumption of innocence in law, they will be gathering evidence against you. That includes anything you say to them, so the next free advice you are going to receive from Robinson Law is to remain silent.

When we say remain silent, legally you must provide the police with your personal details such as your name, date of birth, and address, but beyond these, there is nothing you are obliged to say to the police or any other public official you may encounter whilst under arrest.

One of the matters Robinson Law’s computer sex offence lawyers will most likely advise you on is exactly what crime the police have arrested you for, as there is often some confusion as to what constitutes an online sex crime. Let us first say, that the simple fact that someone may never have met the alleged victim, or that they live in a different city, does not negate the possibility that an online sex crime may been committed.

The notion that there has to be physical contact or that the accused must be in proximity to the victim does not apply when considering online sex crimes. It should also be noted that some online sex crimes are regarded as every bit as serious as those where there is a victim of physical sexual assault.

In addition, you might be surprised to learn just how many examples there are of online sex crimes that exist. A common one is sexting. This relates to sending unsolicited images or videos which show yourself partially or fully naked, or whilst in a sexual act. If instead you send sexual pictures of someone else naked or in a sexual act then that is also considered sexting, if sent unsolicited.

Another online sex crime is the one which has become known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying might not always be a sex crime but when it is, it relates to when you are in possession of photos or videos of another person who is naked or performing a sexual act. If you threaten to publish these or show them to others online as a means of bullying them or blackmailing them, you are committing an offense.

While both of these are most certainly serious, even more so is the online sex crime of using online communications to try to procure someone under 16 years of age to engage in a sexual act. This offense also includes scenarios where you expose someone under 16 years of age to indecent material which includes images and videos of nudity and sexual acts being performed.

The seriousness with which the legal system in Australia regards online and computer sex crimes is evidenced in the punishments which can be given by the courts to those who are convicted of them. Prison sentences of up to 10 years imprisonment can be imposed which is as long as many sexual assault offenses.

Of course, in all of these examples, ultimately the police and the prosecution must prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. No doubt they will do that diligently, but the online sex crime lawyers at Robinson Law who represent you will be every bit as focussed on using their experience of the law as it relates to online sex crimes to show you are innocent and secure your acquittal.

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