Pre-Nuptial Agreement
Whilst family lawyers are often asked for advice by their clients when a marriage is ending and heading for divorce, they can also play a role before the couple each says, ‘I do’. We are talking about prenuptial agreements, which you have no doubt read about in newspaper and magazine articles, especially when a mega-rich couple is heading for divorce. At face value, a prenuptial agreement might seem a perfect way to ensure that, should the couple ultimately divorce, there will not be huge argument s and months of legal wrangling over how the property is split. We say, ‘at face value’ because although prenuptial agreements have many merits, they are not perfect. First, due to prenuptial agreements being in the celebrity headlines, and often depicted in Hollywood movies, you should be aware that the LA, New York, or London versions of prenuptial agreements, are different from the ones which we have in Australia. Read More
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