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Our highly experienced Perth divorce lawyers can help you with all aspects of divorce.

If you are experiencing problems within your marriage or your marriage has irretrievably broken down we recommend making an appointment with one of our senior divorce lawyers to take steps to properly inform yourself about your legal options and to protect your legal rights.

Our Perth divorce lawyers take a sensitive and discreet approach when we meet with a new client.

Our experience has shown that each case is unique and at our very first appointment with a new client we take care to assess the circumstances of each client before providing tailored legal advice.

There are prerequisites for divorce which include that the marriage has broken down irretrievably and the parties must be separated for a total of 12 months.

This does not automatically mean parties must live in separate homes as it may be too expensive, they may have joint parenting responsibilities or be accommodating extended family on the household and it is not feasible for one party to move out. However whatever the circumstances there must still be a clear intention to sever the relationship.

Our Perth divorce lawyers can assist with drafting an affidavit providing the court with information about your separation.

Our experienced divorce lawyers will also provide legal advice on Family Court of WA processes, financial and parenting issues, address broader well-being issues such as offer recommendations for counselling, mediation, parenting courses, drug and alcohol testing.

A most important discussion we have with all our new clients is to ask whether they might be at risk of family violence and if so, we will take urgent steps to protect them and any children of the marriage by applying for a Family Violence Restraining Order.

Divorce can bring with it many other questions from clients such as how to divide the marital assets, how to deal with debts, who will have primary care of the children, how to arrange handover of children, how to apply for spousal maintenance, who will live in the family home and who will pay the mortgage.

Getting these questions settled may take some time, but you need to know all the legal ramifications so you can make the right decisions.

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