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Our family lawyers provide a range of family law services in Perth WA. These services include dealing with divorce, separation, breakdown of defacto relationships, applications to commence or vary spousal maintenance and adult child maintenance, negotiating property and financial settlements, parenting disputes such as the care, residence and welfare arrangements for children, consent order or Form 11 Applications, Family Violence Restraining Orders and much more.

Family Law Services in Perth WA

Our Perth family lawyers specialise in finding solutions to complex family law problems and while we work hard with clients to resolve their parenting, property and financial disputes through negotiated agreements where necessary we are tough litigators within the court process.

Our family lawyers represents clients from very diverse backgrounds and places of residence including Perth, regional Western Australia the Eastern States and International locations.

While we work with high net worth clients we warmly welcome the opportunity to assist clients with modest financial assets. Our family law firm uses the depth and breadth of our collective expertise to provide a personalised, expert yet discrete and compassionate legal service for each and every client.

No case is too small or insignificant for our exceptional family lawyers although for highly complex matters we regularly consult with specialists and Family Law Counsel. We can offer a variety of fee payment arrangements and for some areas of work we offer fixed fees.

Highly Trained Perth Family Lawyers

At Robinson Lawyers we provide a range of family law services to people throughout Perth and WA. Our team of highly trained Perth lawyers have experience dealing with a suite of family law issues, and we can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Our family lawyers work with people on a range of different issues, including:

  • Divorce, including divorce settlements and asset separation.
  • The breakdown of de facto relationships and the associated legal implications.
  • Spousal maintenance applications or variations.
  • Parental disputes and child support payments.
  • Family violence restraining orders.

Unfortunately, family law can be a complex issue. We always recommend using a lawyer when dealing with family law issues, and at Robinson Lawyers we believe that our strong reputation and commitment to you and your needs makes us the logical choice.

The Robinson Lawyers family law team works with all aspects of family law, which means that we have the skills and knowledge to help you achieve the best outcome for your case. Our main services include:

Divorce law: Applications for divorce can be difficult on their own. When things like property and financial settlements are taken into account, things become even more complicated, especially if you and your partner have a lot of financial assets to split. It’s an especially good idea to engage the services of a family lawyer if your separation isn’t clean and amicable. If you have to go to court to determine how your financial and physical assets are going to be separated, the Robinson Lawyers team can help you build the strongest defence possible.

Parenting & child custody: Sometimes, separated parents have trouble agreeing on child custody and financial maintenance arrangements. In cases like this, the matter may be taken to court. Our team will work alongside you and your ex partner to try and resolve things in a friendly manner. We understand just how stressful post-separation issues can be, and we will therefore work alongside you to help you achieve trouble-free outcomes that meet your expectations.

If it becomes necessary to take a child-related dispute to the Family Court, our team at Robinson Lawyers will work alongside you to help achieve the best outcomes possible.

Property & asset division: If you and your former partner have separated, you will have to think about property and asset division. At Robinson Lawyers, we always recommend working towards amicable agreements that are made out of court. Our team of lawyers can help you prepare such agreements in a manner that’s legally correct and binding. However, if you can’t reach a friendly agreement with your former partner, we can help. Our experienced family lawyers will work alongside you to help you achieve the best outcome possible. We always follow the correct court procedures and guidelines, which will improve your chances of a positive outcome.

It’s important to note that the services outlined here are only a select example of the things that we offer. We work with all aspects of family law, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us if you need assistance.

Why Choose Robinson Family Lawyers?

All things considered, our family lawyers believe that there are a number of reasons why you should choose Robinson Lawyers for all of your family law matters. Our team of Perth family lawyers are highly experienced and always work in a professional manner.

We always put you and your needs first, which means that you can be confident that we’re doing what we can to reach the best resolution to your cases. You will find out team friendly and approachable. When you’re dealing with a complicated family law case, you don’t need the added stress of working with a poor-quality, unfriendly lawyer.

As you can see, Robinson Family Lawyers prides itself on its family law services. We firmly believe that we offer some of the best family law services in the region, and our reputation confirms this.

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If you need the services of a Perth family lawyer or family law team, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our friendly customer service team today to find out what we can do for you. We’re always happy to have a chat, and we can start working towards a resolution to your problems immediately.

Our Senior family lawyers are available to help and advise you on all matters relating to family law including divorce and break up, child custody, violence restraining orders, asset division and much more. We pride ourselves in providing accurate and high-quality family legal services in a timely manner. We work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Why Seeking An Amicable Resolution Is Always The Best Option In A Family Law Dispute

No matter whether a court is hearing a case related to criminal law, commercial law, civil law, or family law, the process is going to be adversarial. In other words, the case will often be played out like a contest or battle where the winner takes all, and that theme runs from the moment when one of the party’s first meet with their lawyer, through the court’s final decision.

In family law cases, especially those relating to divorce, property settlements and child custody, the atmosphere in which the whole process is played out can be bitter, and at times vitriolic. It is perhaps understandable given the emotions that are at play, and in the eyes of the divorcing couple how high the stakes might seem given that we are talking about their finances, their home, and their children if they are parents.

However, despite the high stakes and the desire to ‘win’, treating divorce as a war against a bitter enemy usually ends up with no winners. Instead, the divorcing couple goes through months of turmoil, legal costs keep rising, their children get put through an emotional ordeal, and in the end, the Family Court’s decision invariably results in neither party getting everything they were fighting for.

To be fair, not every divorcing couple ends up as bitter enemies with the sole objective of making the other’s life as miserable as possible. Thankfully, the majority of divorce cases are settled amicably, with property settlements and arrangements for child support and visitation all agreed without the need for a court to make any judgment.

Sadly, though, for the ones that are conducted in a spirit that is the polar opposite of what we have just described, a lot more is lost than is ever gained. To give you some examples, here is what it can cost a couple whose divorce descends into a maelstrom of animosity, and by cost, we do not just mean dollars, although as you will see, their bank balances will certainly be deleted.

#1: Family lawyer fees can be very high once the matter is settled…and this is for both parties.
#2: The whole process can last a long time – during which time neither parties can make plans for their futures or those of their children.
#3: A scenario where neither can communicate in any way whatsoever meaning matters such as agreeing on co-parenting decisions is nigh on impossible.
#4: Ultimately, and despite all the above, the decision is taken out of their hands and into that of the family court.

Alternatively, if the divorcing couple has the sense to restrain any ill will they have towards each other, and consider what is best for them and their children, here are how those outcomes could change dramatically.

#1: Minimal legal fees as all the lawyers would be doing is drafting the agreement. In some scenarios, no lawyers are necessary at all.
#2: The divorce can be agreed upon and settled within weeks or at worst a few months
#3: An environment where both parents can discuss matters amicably means better decisions relating to their children can be made.
#4: They are choosing an outcome that is best for both of them and their children, not the family court.

We hope you agree the second set of outcomes that follow an amicable divorce are far superior to the first set.

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