Migration Law

Migration Law

Visa cancellation:

The Australian Government has the power to cancel or revoke a person’s visa and to deport them. There are several reasons why a visa may be cancelled.

This includes when a person who is a non-citizen or a person who is a Permanent Resident who has committed a serious crime during their initial 10 years of residency, or has been determined by the Australian Government as being a security risk, or has committed a serious criminal offence and has served a prison sentence of 12 months or more.

Our senior lawyers are able to provide timely legal representation to persons facing criminal charges who are concerned about their visa status and possible deportation, Visa Refusal or Cancellation on Character grounds:

An individual may have also their visa refused or cancelled on the basis of their participation in activities that call that individual’s character into question. For example, if they have committed any sexual offences, or have been convicted of or served a substantial prison sentences (12 months, two or more sentences which add up to 12 months or more. Additionally, an individual may have their visa refused or cancelled after having been designated a member of criminal organisation, or having participated in people smuggling, human trafficking, genocide, war crimes, torture and slavery. Visas will also be refused or cancelled if the individual is the subject of an Interpol notice.

If the individual is deemed likely to engage in criminal activities within Australia, or may harass or vilify another member or group within the Australian community or may incite discord within the community, they will face visa cancellation or refusal.

Our lawyers at Perth Criminal Lawyers and Barristers are able to provide clients with legal assistance for all types of criminal offences and are skilled at clarifying complicated legal matters for clients and advising them on any potential risks to their visa. Read more about our migration legal services.

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