Ex-Partner Refuses To Let You See The Children

What You Can Do If Your Ex-Partner Refuses To Let You See The Children?

Unfortunately, one of the most contentious aspects of divorce in which family lawyers are invariably asked by their clients to advise them on, is access and visitation of children.

We say unfortunate, because, regardless of how strongly each parent feels that they are in the right, it is the children who will suffer most from any prolonged bitterness between their divorced parents regarding visitation and access

Parents have obligations with regards to complying with any court order in relation to the children visiting their other parent. Denying access is a practice that should not be pursued even if they feel they are justified in doing so.

For example their ex-spouse failing to make family support payments, being continuously late in picking up or dropping off the children and numerous other frustrating behaviours.

If a parent does feel that there is a genuine reason why it is not in the children’s interest to see their other parent, they must speak to their lawyer and potentially take the issue to the court.

It is not wise to give your former partner any cause to try and stop you seeing your children.

Basic good behaviour such as turning up on every agreed date to see your children, being on time when picking up, and dropping off your children, feeding them healthy regular meals, supervising school homework will help keep parenting arrangements on track.

Should conflict arise you may need to bring the matter back to court.

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